We’re all partial to a little treat every now and again. With delectably sugary and yummy flavours around like vanilla and chocolate - it’s easy to give in to your sweet tooth. Of course, we often find these scrumptious flavours in foods that aren’t particularly good for us - think cake, sweets, biscuits and other baked goods and confectionery.

If you’d like to take more control over your hankering for something sweet - recent studies have shown there may be some merit in surrounding yourself in sweet, indulgent fragrances to help keep cravings at bay. It’s linked to aromatherapy (why not take a look at our previous blog where we wrote all about aromatherapy and the different effects and qualities fragrances are thought to have).

While some scents such as lavender and sandalwood promote relaxation, others like lemon and amber are linked to concentration. Theories about foodie scents and weight loss are based around the ‘Christmas Dinner Syndrome.’ This is because often, on Christmas Day all the guests are peckish and ready to enjoy the seasonal feast, but the cook is not. Having spent the day preparing the meal, surrounded by the smell of the food, cravings and appetite are lowered. It’s a really interesting phenomenon that is being considered as a way to reduce snacking and reduce weight gain.

Sweeter fragrances such vanilla are thought to be most effective. Vanilla has been shown to reduce cravings for sweets and even chocolate. By infusing these scents throughout your home with candles or reed diffusers you may find yourself less likely to reach for the nearest sugary snack.

If you want to see if this technique works for you - here are our picks (including both reed diffusers and scented soy candles) to help you make your home smell delicious and help keep your sweet tooth under control.

Chocolate Fudge Scented Candle Tin

Vanilla & Orange Reed Diffuser

Strawberries & Cream Scented Candle Tin

Vanilla & Orange Soy Candle In Glass