25 Ways To Enjoy Me Time (for under £30)

Me Time Bath - Candles in Glass Jars by Northumbrian Candleworks


Enjoying "me-time" can sometimes seem like an unachievable dream.

You barely have enough hours in the day as it is; how can you possibly squeeze in an extra half hour to spend on your own enjoyment?

But carving out some private time is essential for your health, both mental and physical, and we're here to help!

What is Me Time and When do I Need it?

Me-time is any private time you spend doing something you enjoy, whether it's five minutes gathering your thoughts with a lit candle or taking a trip to the cinema to watch a feel-good film.

You can often need me-time if you feel:

  • Burnt out or stressed.
  • You can't enjoy yourself or have fun.
  • Tired or irritable.
  • You are always in a rush.

However, you don't need to wait for this stage...in fact, we think me-time should be a regular part of your schedule, because you deserve to enjoy yourself and make the most of life!

Me Time is Essential

Me-time is for everyone, even if we all have a different idea of how to spend it, you may be happier having a chat with a friend, while someone else may want to shut their door and be alone with their thoughts.

We've collected a list of cheap options below, along with some suggestions for soothing scents further down the page, because you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to have some enjoyable and relaxing alone time.

Me-time is far from selfish; taking some downtime can make us more productive and help us contribute more to relationships, as well as our own wellness. 

Taking as little as twenty minutes of me-time, a couple of times a week, or five minutes a day, helps our bodies reduce stress, make us better decision-makers, and complete daily tasks more effectively.

Studies even show that taking half an hour a day to read a book can boost our life span by up to two years, while thirty minutes of meditation can have a long-lasting positive impact on the brain.

There's research to show a strong link between a good night's sleep and its impact on your mental health.

So there's no need to feel guilty, you'll be helping your brain make more effective decisions.


Me Time Book - Reed Diffusers by Northumbrian Candleworks


If you're telling yourself 'I need me time' but struggling for ideas, don't worry, we've gathered together 25 different ways below...all for under £30 too!


Me Time in under 10 Minutes

You can do many things to relax in under 10 minutes. Here are some self-care routines you can easily fit into your daily routine if you’re strapped for time:

  1. Guided breathing with a scented candle.
    Apps like Calm have 5-10 minute guided breathing practices. Sit down with the peaceful routine and light a scented candle of your choice to relish as you breathe in deeply.

  2. Listen to classical music.
    Take five minutes to listen to a classic piece, or put it on in the background to create some relaxation time as you’re getting ready in the morning.

  3. Jot down your thoughts.
    Use five minutes at the start of your day to jot down your thoughts and feelings. You can even do this when you can throughout the day - keep a notebook and pen with you or use your phone.

  4. Make your morning routine a luxury.
    You can add an element of luxury to your existing routine by using a luxury shower gel, your favourite scented shampoo, or buying a new shade of lipstick.

  5. Gather your mind.
    Even taking 10 minutes alone to process and gather your thoughts can make a massive difference to your wellbeing.


Me Time Brew - Reed Diffusers by Northumbrian Candleworks


Me Time when you're Super Busy

If you’re struggling to make time for yourself, here are some ways to book it into your diary, so it’s easier to arrange if you’re super busy:

  1. Treat yourself to lunch.
    Make the time to enjoy your favourite snack or treat. It might be a colossal mocha, a delicious chocolate cake slice, or a panini from your favourite cafe. Eat slowly and enjoy every piece.

  2. Make a date in the diary.
    Pencil an hour into your calendar, so you’ve blocked off time for yourself. You might spend the free time browsing for clothes, reading a book, or taking a walk. It doesn’t matter what you do - the main thing is you make a time slot to do it in.

  3. Call a friend.
    Pick up the phone, make some phone calls and contact a friend or family member. If you need a boost, take the time to chat with someone that usually lifts your spirits.

  4. Wake up earlier.
    If you don’t have the time in the day for me-time, make an extra half an hour in the day by getting up earlier. You could have a luxurious breakfast, take up a new exercise routine, or read a good book.

  5. Book a class.
    Book a class you can go to, whether it’s learning a language or an exercise based-activity. Put in your diary as soon as you’ve booked it to help you remain committed.


Me Time Tea and Diary - Candles in Tins by Northumbrian Candleworks


Me Time when feeling Creative

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, here are some ideas on me-time to give you some daily inspiration:

  1. Make something new.
    Create a fragranced and artistic candle with a candle making kit. Make something you can appreciate around your home.

  2. Read quotes and listen to inspirational speakers.
    Remind yourself why me-time is essential, gain inspiration from reading me-time quotes (or even a me-time meme), or listening to an inspiring TED talk.

  3. Redecorate your home.
    If you have a messy home that needs order or simply want a change, redecorating is the perfect way to enjoy me-time. A pot of paint is all you might need to enjoy me-time DIY on a budget.

  4. Go to a movie on your own.
    Why wait until you see a film with someone else? Google ‘showtimes near me’ and watch a movie alone for a few hours with your favourite actors as company.

  5. Make a me-time beauty session.
    Give yourself a beauty and pamper session at home, or treat yourself to a day out for a me-time beauty salon or hair and beauty visit.


Me Time Bath and Beauty - Candles in Tins by Northumbrian Candleworks


Me Time when you have Family or Relationships

The importance of me-time is even more critical if you have a family to look after or are in a relationship. Everyone needs time apart from their loved ones to regenerate and connect on a more meaningful level. Here are some solutions on me-time ideas for mums or partners looking for a break:

  1. Create a mum’s me-time pamper box.
    Jot down a quick list of all the things you enjoy to create a pamper box. It might include a bath bomb, a bottle of Prosecco and your favourite book, or a mini spa box. Keep it on hand for when you get five minutes to treat yourself.

  2. Unplug your devices.
    Turn off your phone, switch off the TV and go for a stroll away from your electronics. If you have a young family, schedule time during nap time to sit down away from all your devices and take time for yourself to reduce your stress levels.

  3. Get someone to look after the kids.
    You deserve and need some rest at times! Get a trusted friend, relative, or babysitter so that you can spend some time alone, whether it’s a mini me-time retreat with a massage or having dinner with a friend. Or you might just want to relax at home!

  4. Shut your door.
    There’s nothing wrong with creating some physical space away from your family if they can be left unsupervised. Close your door and build some private space for yourself.

  5. Travel solo.
    If you don’t have time to book a weekend away, just travel into town on your own when you can, and savour the private time to spend doing things you enjoy.


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Me Time when Boosting your Health

If you are taking the time to focus on your health, these me-time tips cover physical and mental wellbeing to boost your short and long-term health:

  1. Start an exercise.
    Boost your health by starting a new activity, whether it's some me-time pilates or yoga or joining a football team.

  2. Improve your sleep.
    Making time before you sleep to relax and unwind can boost your physical and mental health and leave you more well-rested during the day.

  3. Cook some healthy food.
    Spending some time cooking (and of course, eating) your favourite healthy dishes will help boost your immune system and implement a more nutritious diet.

  4. Revisit your life plan.
    Work towards your personal growth by spending some quality time on developing your life plan. Make some headway into achieving your personal goals and dreams.

  5. Connect with people.
    Stay connected with others in your life by treating them and yourself to something new. Why not treat them and yourself to a luxury scented candle and show them how much you care?


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Which Candle Scents can help with Me Time?

At Northumbrian Candleworks, we’re committed to providing a range of candles, diffusers and candle making kits in scents that help you relax and enjoy your me-time.

Research suggests scents have a positive impact on the brain. Candles or diffusers can help enhance your alone time, as soothing scents like Lavender or Sandalwood can boost your mood and assist with your relaxation. Citrus scents like Orange and subtle scents like Vanilla and English Rose can also create a calming environment.

Browse our range and enjoy some me-time with one of our soothing scents...

You deserve it!


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