Private Label Service

Are you looking for a trusted and experienced partner to bring your candle making vision to life? Look no further!

For over 130 years, Northumbrian Candleworks have been producing our own candles whilst also offering a bespoke candle service for own brand and contract fill at our British-based factory. We've previously helped a wide range of companies to make their product vision a reality.

From concept to creation, including design, we can help!

Our private label service allows you to have full reign on the design, look and type of product. Our team of expert designers are available, if you need any help with the process of bringing your ideas to life, and our state-of-the-art factory has the capacity to manufacture up to 4000 scented candles per day, depending on the vessel!

We understand that the key to successful product development is testing, so we also offer a candle testing service, which takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

This process involves our experts and technicians ensuring that your candle is burning to meet regulations and look at the candle in its entirety, focusing on choosing the correct wick for the specification, melt pool, sooting and much more.

Following testing, you will receive a prototype to approve.

Minimum order – 500 per vessel per fragrance

Artwork charge – from £50.00/hour

Candle testing – £250.00

See the process in its simplest terms below…

  • Conversation to ascertain requirements.
  • Quote provided.
  • Quote acceptance and payment for testing by pro forma.
  • Components shipped to us or sourced for testing.
  • Testing completed and prototype sent.
  • Approval of prototype followed by payment for manufacturing by pro forma.
  • Components shipped to us or sourced for full testing.
  • Manufacturing completed.
  • Shipment of finished products to you.

We pride ourselves on being upfront with those we collaborate with. We will provide constant communication and feedback throughout the process. With the promise of a high level of customer service and an exceptional end result!

If you’re looking for a more straightforward service, we would suggest using our white label service, where you use our tried and tested items to create your own product, and we will manage the project in its entirety.

Click here to see our White Label Service page

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