7 Classic Scents for Soy Wax Candles To Introduce To Your Home

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What's better than a beautifully designed home? A beautifully designed home that smells like heaven.

Having the right scent can transform your home. It can enhance the design style and make your space more memorable. So, if you haven't considered adding a fragrance, you need to think again.

One of the best ways to add a fragrance is with soy wax candles. These are the perfect way to release scents over time, leaving your home fragrance smelling better longer. They also make excellent decor anywhere in the house.

Check out the 7 most classic scents for your home below.

1. Vanilla

Vanilla is probably the most classic scent for fragrances, especially candles. That's because it's a universally liked smell and pairs well with other scents. Vanilla is a wonderful base that brings out the aromas of spicy, citrus, and other sweet smells.

For many, vanilla is a comforting scent, reminding people of their childhoods and sweet treats. It's often associated with ice cream, custard and Christmas. The smell of vanilla evokes warmth, caring, and softness.

Vanilla would be perfect in your home if you want to create a warm and cosy feeling. You and your guests will feel at ease with the smell of a vanilla scented soy candle.


Vanilla Candle Scents - Candle Fragrances by Northumbrian Candleworks


2. Bergamot

Imagine a sunny day in the Calabria region of Italy. Bergamont is a favourite for those who love a dreamy fresh scent. It brings out and enhances the smell of other citruses as well as light and airy florals.

Bergamont is a luxurious scent with a citrus base. But it's an edgier spice undertone that other citrus scents don't have. The unique blending of sweet and tart makes bergamot a go-to scent for both men and women.

Evoking a sense of relaxation, a bergamot candle is ideal when you want to create a tranquil space. Your home will appear like a soothing retreat with this clean burning scent.


Bergamot Candle Scents - Candle Fragrances by Northumbrian Candleworks


3. Rose

Rose is one of the most popular and most recognisable floral scents. A complex scent with significant history, rose has prevailed as a timeless and elegant scent. Rose often elicits positive feelings of happiness and nostalgia.

Due to their popularity and recognisable smell, rose scents are often unblinded. However, the smell of roses pairs well with spicy and earthy aromas as well. While rose scents have been associated with antiques, modern candles have updated this classic.

A rose candle would evoke the feeling of elegance and romance. It's an excellent accent to any home due to its timeless fragrance.


Rose Candle Scents - Candle Fragrances by Northumbrian Candleworks


4. Apple

Apple is a scent with a strong ability to transform. It can be a summer scent with a fresh and crisp fragrance. Or it can smell like fall when mixed with scents like cinnamon and pumpkin.

With its popularity, it also mixes well with other fruity and floral scents. Apple induces the feeling of calm and nostalgia, bringing memories of crisp summer apples or freshly baked apple pies.

An apple candle will make your space appear soothing and homey. It'll make it appear like you always have something delicious baking.


Apple Candle Scents - Candle Fragrances by Northumbrian Candleworks


5. Lime

There's no citrus scent like lime. Fresh and clean, lime feels like sunshine and clothes straight from the dryer. Lime is a bright and sparkling scent, that is recognisable but not overwhelming.

Lime pairs well with other citrus scents as well as florals. The bright smell is subtle and can boost energy and confidence levels. Use a lime handmade soy wax candle jar to add positive energy to your space.

Burning a lime candle will give your home that feeling of freshness. Paired with the sun coming through the windows, the lime will make you feel light and bright.


Lime Candle Scents - Candle Fragrances by Northumbrian Candleworks


6. Sandalwood

If you like strolling through the deep woods and the beautiful smell of nature, sandalwood should be your go-to scent. This rich and exotic woody scent is the base of many fragrance blends. It can create a unique and deep scent.

Sandalwood pairs well with other woodsy smells as well as spicy and sweet scents. It's a popular masculine scent but has been gaining popularity with feminine accents as well. Since it plays with masculine and feminine tones, it can be a sultry scent as well.

A sandalwood candle is perfect if you want to bring the feeling of nature into your home. The woodsy scent has a moody depth that will make your home feel cosy but exotic.


Sandalwood Candle Scents - Candle Fragrances by Northumbrian Candleworks


7. Lavender

Lavender is a go-to scent for many people. This all-around calming plant encourages calmness and tranquillity. The scent has been studied to find anxiety-reducing characteristics and aromatherapy benefits.

It pairs well with other florals, citrus, and earthy scents and creates some unique blends. Though it's sometimes considered a feminine scent, depending on what lavender is paired with, it can be masculine.

If you want your home to appear like a spa, lavender is the scent to choose. You'll feel relaxed while your lavender scented candle burns.


Lavender Candle Scents - Candle Fragrances by Northumbrian Candleworks


Why Soy Wax Candles?

Soy wax candles have many benefits over paraffin wax candles coming in various classic scents. Formed from eco-friendly and a renewable resource, namely soybeans, soy wax candles are an excellent option for those who want to go green.

In terms of burn times, soy wax burns for longer than paraffin wax (depending on the location). This means your candle will last longer while still releasing pleasant scents. Soy wax carries fragrances better without needing any chemical amplifiers.

A lower melting point of soy wax means a larger liquid wax pool around the candle wick. This is when the liquid wax pool with the fragrance oils disperse into the atmosphere. Soy wax candles have what’s known as a fine ‘scent throw’, which means they fill spaces with fragrance effectively whilst burning candles.

Our handmade soy wax candles are all natural and carbon neutral. Soy wax candles can last up to 50% longer than paraffin wax candles. Therefore, soy wax candles are cost effective for you. Soy wax candle spills are also easy to clean, simply with warm soapy water you can remove any residue, different to paraffin wax.

Soy candles also burn cleaner, leaving behind no black soot like the wax from other candles. This allows your candle to remain a beautiful detail of your interior decor.

We pour a small batch at a time, and place the wick into each wick candle by hand and use soy wax sourced from within the EU, too.


Soy Wax Candles - Candles by Northumbrian Candleworks


Are natural soy wax candles environmentally friendly?

Customers often ask us if soy wax candles are environmentally friendly. Here’s our perspective on the question:

  1. We deliberately chose to use soy wax for our candles, which comes from farmers who don’t use any pesticides or herbicides on the plants. That means they’re in an environment which embraces bio-diversity. And that means they do their utmost to protect local flora and fauna. Rest assured, we’re not causing farmers to cut down Amazonian rainforest to grow soybeans to produce wax for our candles.
  2. We use pure soy wax. In other words, we use 100% natural wax in our candle making. We import our wax from sustainable sources in Europe. Other companies use soy wax from the USA for their candle making. This wax has a much higher carbon footprint.
  3. The soy wax we use is 100% GM-free. GM crops concern some customers and their potential impact on humans and wildlife. We decided to work with GM-free soy wax on purpose.
  4. Natural soy wax candles burn at a lower temperature than paraffin wax candles. And, they emit less soot than the fossil fuel wax alternatives. That makes them better for your indoor environment too, with clean burning. And, with no black soot or smoke often found with cheap petroleum-based candles, soy wax candles are friendlier for pets.
  5. All our products are animal cruelty free and plastic free.


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Enhancing Your Design With Fragrance

Your home can benefit from a beautiful scent wafting through the rooms. Soy wax candles give off a fragrance over time, transforming your home into a personalised haven. With their many benefits, these candles should be a feature in your design.

Our natural soy wax candles come in many designs from jar candles, candle tins, and diy candle making kits. The perfect candle gift for a friend or yourself.

Use the scents to complement your aesthetic and convey the feeling of home. Ready to find your soy wax candle? What scent is part of your home transformation?


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Allow us to help you explore the scent that matches you and your home's personality!


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