5 Excellent Reasons to Try Candle Making Kits in 2021

Candle Making Kit Fragrances - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


Are you looking for a new hobby to enjoy in the year 2021? Do you want to make something that's fun, rewarding, and useful after it's created? If so, then you should consider investing in soy wax candle making kits for you and your family.

Doing so can help you find a fun little pastime that can fill your house with amazing fragrances all day long. Not to mention that there are many benefits of candle making kits, such as cost-efficiency and fun for you and your family.

See below for several reasons why you should try candle making kits and make your own high quality scented candles from scratch...


1. Amazing Fragrances

Let's start with the most obvious benefit, shall we? By investing in soy candle making kits to create your own candles, you'll have access to as many wonderful scents as possible.

Not only are you going to enjoy the smell, but you will also enjoy the variety of fragrances that you have at your disposal. Here are some examples of scented candle making kits:

Candle making fans often buy several kits at once to create in bulk. That way, they can set different scents throughout the house separated by room.

For example, a Fresh Green Apple scent goes great with bathrooms. The Happy Birthday scent is a popular choice for kitchens, due to the smell of a birthday cake. The Sandalwood is popular for bedrooms, giving a relaxing scent that calms you down at the end of a long day.


Candle Making Kit Fragrance - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


2. Cost-Efficient

Candle lovers have it hard. They enjoy the fragrance and fresh scents that candles can bring to their home, but they don't enjoy the outrageous price tag that comes with it.

It’s common for high street retail brands to make large profits from candles they sell in their shops. You’ll often find candles in high street stores selling for upwards of £50.

However there is a much better way to get the candles you like at an affordable price...now you can make the candles yourself from fresh ingredients, with fulfilling scents and saving a ton of money doing it.

You should expect the contents of a decent candle making starter kit to look something like this:

  • Candle containers
  • Decorative finishing stickers
  • Wooden wick centring sticks
  • Candle wicks with metal stands (pre-fixed)
  • Concentrated fragrance oils
  • Natural wax
  • DIY step by step instructions


Candle Making Kit Contents - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


3. Many Health Benefits

Believe it or not, studies have shown that burning candles can have a positive impact on your health. They can help you relax, reduce your stress, and help clean the air in your home.

They're also a huge help in warding off bugs. Common house pests such as cockroaches dread many of the smells that we love, particularly citrus-related smells.

However, to unlock these health benefits, you need to avoid candle companies that use harmful ingredients to make their candles. Some candles can affect people with Asthma, making them feel short of breath. Some people report that certain scented candle brands seem to cause them headaches and migraines.

By using candle making kits with soy wax, like ours, you'll be ensuring all these health benefits for you and your family.


Candle Making Kit Soy Wax - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


4. It Can Make You Money

Let's say that after trying your first candle making kit, you realize that you absolutely love the process behind it. So much so that you might try to mix in different concentrations of fragrances with the wax melt, experimenting with containers or tealights.

If so, then making candles can turn into a nice side hustle for you. You can use the candle making kits, keep a few for yourself, then offer one or two for sale to your friends and family.

The money that you make from those sales can pay for the next batch of Candle Making Kits that you buy to fuel your hobby as a Candle Maker!


Candle Making - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


5. More Time to Enjoy Them

As mentioned, large candle companies are often less careful about the materials they place in their candles. They only have one thing in mind: money.

For that reason, they purposely use ingredients that will make the candle burn and melt faster, thus causing you to run back to the store quicker.

If your choice is to use Candle Making Kits, you can enjoy your creation for longer. The soy wax burns beautifully and holds its scent for longer. You can burn it and blow it out several times without having to worry about it not burning anymore.


Candle Making Kit Candles - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


Invest in Candle Making Kits for You and Your Family to Enjoy

Now that you have seen several amazing benefits of using candle making kits, it's time for you to try them out for yourself, your family and friends.

Be sure to read our post on the Best Homemade Candle Recipes for more information. You could also check out our Candle Making Kits Ultimate Guide tutorial which covers all aspects of candle making.

For more enquiries, please be sure to reach out via our Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

So why not give Candle Making a try this year?


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