How to Bring the Scent of Autumn into your Home

We know autumn is here when the nights are drawing in and the temperature suddenly dips. As the weather changes, the air smells crisp and cold some days, and damp and earthy on others.

This signals it’s time to put away the floral and fruity summer scented candles, if you haven’t done that already, and bring the scent of autumn into your home. So, what does autumn smell like to you? Is it the smell of a crackling fire, woodland walks or baked pumpkin?

In this blog, we’ve picked our favourite seasonal scents that will help make your home even more cosy and inviting this autumn.


Autumn is apple picking season and nothing compares with the fresh crisp smell of green apples. Make your home smell invitingly delicious with a freshly baked apple crumble, or even easier – by trying an apple scented candle to fill your home.


Embrace the cold autumn with the warming sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon. The scent will transform your home and invoke a warm, comforting feeling.

Lighting a cinnamon scented soy candle can also increase your appetite and invigorate your senses, so it’s no surprise that cinnamon is one of the most popular festive scents through autumn and winter.


Wrap up warm and indulge in the delicious, comforting scent of sweet and zesty orange. The unrivalled freshness of just-picked Mediterranean oranges is blended perfectly with notes of sweet vanilla in our Vanilla and Orange scented candle.


While many people consider apples their ultimate favourite autumn fruit, the soft, sweet and creamy flesh of the pear makes it perfect for cooking (and eating) at this time of year. With a combination of crisp pear, pink apple and sweet mandarin - balanced with a base of tart plum and deep woody aromas - our Passion, Pear and Lace soy candle is a perfect addition to your home this season.


There’s really nothing better than walking into a home that smells of cinnamon, warm spices and sweet fruit - it’s the best welcome around.

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How to Bring the Scent of Autumn into your Home