Scents perfect for the Bright Summer Months

You may think that candles are only for Wintertime, when it’s cold, grey and miserable. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong! There are plenty of Summer-friendly candles available that are perfect in the brighter and warmer months.

The best tip for finding Summer fragrances is choosing ones that are fresh and light. Often these include lovely floral scents, making your homes smell like a gorgeous blooming meadow. Another ideal fragrance family is citrus, which will give your home a fresh and delicious aroma. Summer is also a great time to experiment with more woody and earthy notes too.

With Summer fast approaching, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the the best fragrances to give your home a wonderfully summery vibe - these smell so great you’ll be tempted to stay inside!

English Rose

Is there anything quite like the scent of an English Rose garden on a sunny day? With lovely woody undertones, combined with fresh and more floral top notes, this English Rose soy candle gives a gentle and sweet aroma to any home - and is absolutely a perfect scent for this time of the year.

French Lavender

Walking around your home with this floral and fragrant scent will make it feel as though you’re wandering through blue sweeping carpets of Provence’s lavender fields. Our Lavender scented candle’s deep herbal undertones will transport you to these picturesque meadows all Summer long - even if the weather outside is less than continental.

Bay Leaf, Lily and Precious Woods

In this luxury soy scented candle, the fresh and energising scent of bay leaf is blended with delicately floral notes of lily of the valley, instilled with bright notes of wild blackcurrant, citrus and an earthy base to evoke the aroma of precious woods. This mixture of floral, citrus and earthy fragrances, are the epitome of Summer, all in one soy candle. The Bay Leaf, Lily and Precious Woods soy candle in glass looks as luxurious as it smells too and will beautifully complement the interior of your home.

Passion Pear and Lace

One of our Signature Range scented soy candles, Passion Pear and Lace is a perfect combination of fruity, citrusy, flowery and woody which are all fabulous for this time of year. It has an opening of crisp pear, pink apple and sweet mandarin all infused with a gorgeous floral heart of elderflower, freesia and osmanthus. Add this to its base of tart plum mingled with deep woody aromas, you cannot go wrong with this as your Summer scent.

Lime, Mandarin and Basil

This soy scented candle features the uplifting fragrance of basil, with citrus top notes of lime and mandarin to capture the very essence of sophisticated freshness. It is a wonderful mixture of citrus scents, making your home smell fresh and delicious all Summer. An elegant blend, our Lime, Mandarin & Basil scented candle works in any room of the house. Hopefully these summery suggestions have given you some inspiration for your home over the next few months.


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Scents perfect for the Bright Summer Months