The Ultimate Wellbeing Routine Checklist - Free Download

During Mental Health Awareness month, we want to encourage you to be kinder to yourself and listen to your body. To support you on your journey to a better wellbeing, we have prepared the ultimate checklist for times when you're running on empty and needing to unwind, struggling with broken sleep or simply lacking motivation!

We launched The Wellbeing Collection at the beginning of 2023, including nine wonderful scented glass candles curated to help you relax, sleep and boost positivity. At the light of a match, we are able to remedy your specific needs depending on which collection you chose. With the addition of routine checklists, we can provide you with the right guidance, all in the comfort of your own home.

With these subtle changes to your everyday routine and incorporating something as simple (and effective) as lighting an expertly blended fragranced candle, you are guaranteed to feel better prepared to combat daily life with a much healthier and happier mindset. Looking after yourself doesn't have to be a chore!


Inspire Candle from The Positive Collection in garden

If you're lacking support and motivation, you need to brighten your outlook with ENERGISE, INSPIRE or UPLIFT from The Positive Collection. Download ways to check in with yourself and promote a positive mindset here!


Calm Candle from The Relax Collection in bathroom

If you're overwhelmed and distracted, take the time out to recharge your batteries with BREATHE, CALM or UNWIND from The Relax Collection. Download the perfect checklist for when you're running on empty here!


Drift Candle from The Sleep Collection in bedroom

If you're lacking sleep and feeling restless, ensure a peaceful night of restoration with SLUMBER, DREAM or DRIFT from The Sleep Collection. Download the bedtime routine to prepare for a restful night's sleep here!


Find the right collection for you and follow along with our checklists whenever you may need it. Be sure to share with your friends and followers on social media to help us reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage everyone to be kinder to themselves and don't forget to tag us @northumbriancandleworks so we can see!