7 Unique Candle Gift Ideas for Friends or Family

Gift with Flowers - Cracked Pepper & Bergamot Candle in a Glass Jar by Northumbrian Candleworks


Whether shopping for a loved one's birthday, anniversary or Christmas, it can be easy to get carried away searching for the perfect gift.

Did you know that worldwide gift spending in November and December is estimated at £143 billion?

Gift baskets or gift boxes make custom gift-giving a cinch. And, luckily, there are plenty of unique options for candle lovers too!

Keep reading below for seven gift ideas, featuring everything from scented candles in glass containers to candle-making kits...


1. Children's Surprise Candle Making Gift

Looking for a gift that will be fun for the whole family? Surprise your friends with a basket featuring a kid's candle-making kit! This candle gift set is perfect for families who prefer crafts over movie nights.

You can start the basket with a children's candle making kit, but the fun doesn't end there! Add a few treats to give the children (and parents!) a snack after all the candle-making fun. A fruit bar, chocolates, or popcorn are all perfect—and shelf-stable—options to add to your gift basket.


Birthday Gift Candle Kit - Happy Birthday Candle Making Kit by Northumbrian Candleworks


2. Spa Day Gift Basket

Let's face it—a full-scale spa package can be a pricey gift. Luckily, a DIY spa day basket is easy to make and allows more personalisation than a traditional spa package!

The perfect spa-day basket will include bath bombs or bath salts, along with a candle or two to create a relaxing atmosphere for the giftee. Handmade soaps in a favourite scent are a thoughtful and practical addition.

Include essential oils, such as lavender oil or rosehip oil, and body lotions for some post-bath pampering. Add a manicure set featuring their favourite nail varnish colour, and you have the perfect spa day basket.


Spa Day Gift - French Lavender Reed Diffuser by Northumbrian Candleworks


3. Travel Candles Gifting Box

Have a traveller friend? Give them a taste of a new destination with a travel gift box!

Start by choosing a location—it can be as specific or vague as you like. For example, you can focus on the beach as a destination. You can then feature a sunny mimosa and mandarin scented candle or an earthy sandalwood-scented candle as the highlight of the basket. Choose additional trinkets, such as tiki glasses and tropical-scented body products to fill the basket.

Take it in a different direction by pairing a candle with a tea or coffee sampler kit. These samplers offer a taste of worldly flavours, all of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of home while relaxing by candlelight.


Travel Scented Gift - Mimosa & Mandarin Candle in a Tin by Northumbrian Candleworks


4. Dinner by Candlelight Basket

Looking for a gift for the foodie in your life? Treat them to a gift basket filled with their favourite snacks and food goodies.

If you're able to deliver the gift in person, opt for fresh foods. You can't go wrong with a selection of artisanal cheeses and fresh baked goods.

Sending a gift via mail? There are still plenty of ways to treat them to a classy gift basket. Pair a favourite bottle of wine with a variety of crackers for a shelf-stable gift basket.

Of course, don't forget to add a candle or two to the basket, tapered or pillar candles paired with candle holders are great gifts. On the other hand, warm, fruity-scented candles, such as Mediterranean fig, or delicious, zingy-scented candles, such as red poppy and ginger, will make the food-trying experience all the more memorable!


Wine Candle Gift - Red Poppy & Ginger Candle in a Tin by Northumbrian Candleworks


5. Candle-Making Gift for Adults

Why should kids have all the fun? Treat your loved one or friend to a candle-making kit basket, full of exciting goodies for a relaxing afternoon.

Of course, the highlight of this basket is the candle making kit. It's the perfect gift for a candle lover who wants to learn more about the candle-making process and would like to incorporate a fragrance, such as mimosa and mandarin, to their home.

The basket isn't complete without some snacks to nibble during a break. Sneak in a beverage of choice, whether it be wine or a local coffee blend. Add in some treats, such as assorted chocolates or dried fruit, to round off the basket.


Adult Gift Candle Kit - Mediterranean Fig Candle Making Kit by Northumbrian Candleworks


6. Self-Care Baskets for Relaxation

There's been an emphasis on self-care the past few years, and for good reason! A self-care day is the perfect way to combat gloomy feelings and stress. Add in a bergamot jar candle for a touch of your own aromatherapy moment.

A face mask or two is the perfect starter for a self-care basket. Along with face masks, you can add other skincare touches. Include the recipient's favourite tea or coffee to brew and enjoy while they relax. Add the recipient's favourite sweet treat or savoury snack for extra indulgence.

Body butters and lip balms will give your basket even more luxurious energy. Lastly, add a relaxing candle to alleviate stress. If you want to take it a step further, include a honeysuckle jasmine reed diffuser too—they add an elegant element to anyone's home.


Self Care Bath Gift - Honeysuckle Jasmine Candle in a Glass Jar by Northumbrian Candleworks


7. Camping Gift Basket with a "Fire"

Not all of us can take a break with a weekend camping trip. Luckily, you can create a little campsite at home with a charming gift basket!

The key to the perfect camping gift basket is a "fire"—or, rather, a mini-fire by way of a candle. A woodsy-scented candle will help create the feeling of a forest in the comfort of one's own home.

Don't forget to add ingredients for s'mores. Whether the recipient makes them on the stovetop or in the oven, it's a quintessential part of camping. Add in a copy of your giftee's favourite film to top off the cosy energy!


Camping Outdoors Candle Gift - Cinnamon Sticks Candle in a Glass Jar by Northumbrian Candleworks


Perfecting Your Gift

Gift baskets offer the opportunity to get creative with your gift-giving. The candle lovers in your life are sure to love whatever you choose, from soy wax candles to scented candles. The ideas above will help you as you create a custom gift basket of your own.

Check out the rest of our blog for more ideas on how to bring candles into your home...

Happy Gifting!


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