Candle Making Tips for Beginners

Candle Making Tips for Beginners - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


They sit on top of birthday cakes to be ceremoniously wished on, they’re a time-old solution to annoying power cuts, they softly light up our spaces to help us see...

But our favourite types of candles are those that are burned to fill a home with warmth and a gentle scent throw.

When it comes to the perfect candle, there’s no feeling better than using them to create a relaxing mood and cosy atmosphere, not to mention, the joy that comes with burning a soy candle that you’ve made yourself!

Candle making is a great and easy hobby to pick up in 2021, keep reading for our essential list of candle making tips for beginners.

The Benefits Of Scents

Scents can do wonders for our wellbeing. Research shows that your sense of smell is directly linked to the emotional centre of the brain. This is why certain scents can trigger nostalgia and bring back cherished childhood memories.

Different scents are also known to have beneficial effects on our emotions and moods. The benefits of scents range from assisting in sleeplessness to increasing focus.

So where do candles fit in? Burning a scented candle is an excellent way to diffuse a scent throughout your space. A good quality scented candle gives off a subtle scent and is the most simple long-term option for a beautiful-smelling home.

Plus, lighting and burning a candle can be a special part of a ritual and routine. Whether it's an accompaniment to a morning coffee or the beginning of a wind-down nighttime meditation, a candle can serve as a symbol to set the mood.


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Candle Making: The Perfect Candle Makers Gift and Hobby

With all these benefits, you might be keen to light some candles and start experimenting with signature scents. So why not make the process even more rewarding with a DIY homemade candles approach for yourself, your family or friends?

New Year, New Hobby?

With life's constant demands and a busy schedule to maintain, you might not think that you have time for a hobby. But research shows that hobbies are fundamentally important to our mental health and wellbeing. Hobbies provide structure, help you cope with stress, and foster social interaction.

Candle making is an easy hobby, and it’s made even easier with a step by step candle making kit. If you’re looking for some relaxing DIY try one out. Kits come in a variety of scents from Mediterranean Fig, to Mimosa and Mandarin. They're simple, easy to follow, and come with all the candle making supplies you need to get started.

As an Ideal Gift?

Candles are a popular choice when it comes to gifts for friends and family. Who doesn't love a candle? Candle making kits make your gift that much more special, as they add an element of personalisation.

From festive Christmas candles to some unique birthday fun, there's an option for every occasion. Make someone's day and share in the joy of a newfound hobby with a kit of your choice.

For Keeping the Kids Busy?

As we're spending more time inside, parents will know that it's tough to keep little ones productive and busy. Luckily, candle making is a simple and exciting activity to keep kids entertained indoors.

So, get yourself a kit and add a child-friendly option for some family bonding and candle creation.


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Now that you're all kitted out and ready to candle, we're going to take you through some candle-making basics for the first time...


Candle Making Tips for Beginners

Purchasing a candle making kit will make the process a lot easier as your wax and shape are predetermined, but these tips also apply to any future candle making endeavours.

Choosing the Right Candle Wax Type

The most important element of your candle is its wax! Waxes come in many different types from beeswax to, the most popular, paraffin wax. However, we recommend you go for something more environmentally friendly and less likely to singe surfaces.

Soy wax is our wax of choice, as it is longer-lasting, less likely to scorch, and eco-friendly. The type of wax you use will depend on availability and price range.


Candle Making Tips for Beginners - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


Choosing your Container

As you’ll be pouring melted hot wax into your choice of container, you'll need something durable that can withstand high heat and won't crack. Think about this factor when making a decision, as you'll need to feel comfortable pouring boiling hot water into it. To transfer the hot wax into your candle container, a measuring jug is suitable.


Candle Making Tips for Beginners - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


Getting the Right Scent

As we've already mentioned, different scents have different effects on your mood and environment. So when you choose a scent for your candle, make sure you choose mindfully.

We recommend that you don't use essential oils for your candle as they don't last well when combined with wax, and they pose a fire hazard. It's better to look for a fragrance oil scent that's specifically used in candle making.


Candle Making Tips for Beginners - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


Don't Forget the Candle Wick

Once the melted wax is out of the pan and into the candle containers, it will start to cool rapidly. Keep a close eye on it. The moment it starts to turn cloudy, it is time to insert the wick. Place the base in the centre of the candle, do this gently and slowly to avoid bending them.

It's important to take care that the wick is the ideal size, too long and the flame might be too large. Too short and your candle won't burn properly, damaging your burn time. The wick size will also depend on the type of wax you've chosen and the size of your candle container.


Candle Making Tips for Beginners - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


Keep It Simple

While it may be tempting to add flowers and other decorative elements to the mix, we recommend that you keep your finished candle as simple as possible for now. Although these elements may look appealing, they can pose a safety hazard, especially if your candle isn’t burned in a controlled environment.

We recommend building your knowledge and improving your skills before trying anything too advanced, a simple label to finish the candle off is just as effective!


Candle Making Tips for Beginners - Candle Making Kits by Northumbrian Candleworks


DIY Made Easy

Candle Making Kits make for perfect gifts, a great new hobby, and a unique kids' activity. Trust us, there’s something extra special about burning a soy wax candle that you’ve made from scratch. Make good use of our essential Candle Making Tips for Beginners for the best results.

To learn more about candle making, such as air bubbles, how much fragrance oil to use, please read our tutorial Ultimate Candle Making Guide or try out our Best Homemade Candle Recipe.

But if making your own candle from scratch doesn’t quite appeal to you, you can still give your home a signature scent with our extensive range of candles and reed diffusers. Check out our Signature Collection with luxury fragrance options and decorative packaging!

Good Luck!


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